Public VOICE

Governments provide opportunities for the public to express its views on AI related polices. This page summarizes opportunities for public comment, statements that the CAIDP has provided, and the outcomes that resulted.


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FTC proposes deletion of AI models developed from photos  unfairly obtained 


As part of a proposed settlement with the photo app firm Everalbum,  the US Federal Trade Commission has required the deletion of "any facial recognition models or algorithms developed with Ever users’ photos or videos." The agreement will be subject to public comment for 30 days after publication in the Federal Register after which the Commission will decide whether to make the proposed consent order final.


- FTC, California Company Settles FTC Allegations It Deceived Consumers about use of Facial Recognition in Photo Storage App, Jan. 11, 2021

OMB Requires All Federal Agencies to Develop an AI Regulatory Plan by May 2021


The Office of Management and Business requires federal agencies to develop AI regulatory plans, based on the Principles for Trustworthy AI, by May 17, 2021. These plans are to be publicly posted and open for public comments.


- OMB Memo, Guidance for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Systems, Nov. 17, 2020

European Commission called on to ban biometric technologies in public spaces


The European Commission has just accepted to register a "European initiative" formulated by European Digital Rights which asks it to ban biometric technologies, including facial recognition, in public places. If, within a year, the initiative garners a million statements of support from at least seven different Member States, the Commission will have six months to react.


L'Usine Digitale, Jan. 7, 2021

AI Forum, Consumer Product Safety Commission (US)


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff is holding a forum on artificial intelligence (AI), and related technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML). CPSC staff invites interested parties to attend or participate in the AI forum via webinar. The AI forum will take place on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, via webinar. Individuals interested in serving on panels or presenting information at the forum should register by January 15, 2020. All other individuals who wish to attend the forum should register by February 15, 2021.


- Federal Register, Dec. 1, 2020