Public VOICE

Many governments provide opportunities for the public to express its views on AI related polices. This page summarizes opportunities for public comment, statements that the CAIDP has provided, and the outcomes that resulted. Opportunities for public comment on AI Policy not listed? Please complete form below. 


UNESCO and Mila - Quebec AI Institute Launches  Call for Proposals to identify blind spots in AI Policy (Posted Mar. 30, 2021)


UNESCO in cooperation with Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, is launching a Call for Proposals to identify blind spots in AI Policy and Programme Development. The collective work will explore creative, novel and far-reaching approaches to tackling blind spots in the AI lifecycle


The publication will provide world leaders, policy-makers, and civil society members with perspectives that will be critical to face the immense task they’re presented: to ensure the development of AI reaches its full potential in accordance with democratic values and fundamental rights and freedoms. The magnitude of this challenge requires a collaborative effort that transcends disciplinary barriers and geographical borders. This publication will bring together visionary academics, civil society representatives, artists and innovators to help us shift the conversation from what we already know to what we have yet to render visible to ensure AI technologies leave no one behind.


Calls for proposals are open until 2 May 2021.


Selected proposals will be confirmed by 25 May.


Final proposals, if in written format in either English or French, should be between 5000-7000 words and should be written in a style that is accessible to non-AI specialists and received by 1 September 2021.


To ensure inclusivity and a diversity of voices, for accepted contributions outside of academia, authors may request financial support available on a needs-based basis up to 1000 USD.



To submit a proposal, please fill out the survey in English or French here.

CAIDP Supports EU Campaign to Ban Mass Biometric Surveillance

(Posted: March 3, 2021)


In a statement released today, the CAIDP called on Europeans to support a European Citizen Initiative to ban the use of biometrics for mass surveillance. European NGOs, led by EDRi, organized the campaign ReclaimYour Face. They are now seeking one million signatures to encourage the European Commission to propose legislation. In support of the Initiative, CAIDP cited widespread opposition to the use of AI techniques for mass surveillance and growing support across Europe for a prohibition. CAIDP prepared a Special Report on Facial Recognition (February 2021) based on the earlier findings in the report Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values.


The CAIDP urges all EU citizens  to sign the petition.

Draft Final US Report from US National Security Commission on AI

(Final: March 1, 2021)


The US National Security Commission on AI has published a draft final Report. The CAIDP posted a public statement on February 25, endorsing some of the recommendations in the Report, but also urging the Commission to adopt additional recommendations, based on the CAIDP report Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values. The CAIDP statement cited recent statements on AI by US President Joe Biden and European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen in support of democratic values.


Members of the public who are concerned about the draft final US NSCAI report are encouraged to send comments to the General Inquiries email address. Reporters are encouraged to contact the NSCAI at the Press email address.

US Federal Agencies Seek Views on Financial Institutions' use of artificial intelligence (Posted Mar. 30, 2021)


Five US federal financial regulatory agencies are gathering insight on financial institutions' use of artificial intelligence (AI). The agencies seek information from the public on how financial institutions use AI in their activities, including fraud prevention, personalization of customer services, credit underwriting, and other operations.


Comments will be accepted for 60 days following publication in the Federal Register.


Federal Register notice: Request for Information and Comment on Financial Institutions’ Use of Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning (PDF)






(March 30-April 30, 2021 - Register)


The Government of Canada’s Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence Public Awareness Working Group is hosting regional virtual workshops to hear what Canadians think about AI. 


These workshops will inform recommendations to the Government of Canada on how to boost public awareness of and foster trust in AI. The conversations will be grounded in an understanding of the technology, its potential uses, and its associated risks.


Each workshop is approximately 2.5 hrs in length and free to attend. The goal is to engage more than 1,000 people across Canada, building on the results of a national survey that was conducted in December 2020.


Data gathered from these workshops will be included in a final report for the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. The report will be made public in summer 2021. 


Open Application: YouthWise
(Deadline: March 5, 2021)
As part of the Future of Work campaign, the OECD has launched OECD YouthWise, a channel for young people to have their say in the work of the OECD.
If you are between 18 and 30 years old, your country is a members of the OECD, and you have an interest in the policies -- including Artificial Intelligence -- shaping the future of work and learning, apply by 5 March and tell the OECD what matters to you!

Swiss Government Seeks Public Comment on National AI Strategy (ongoing)


"The Federal Council invites interested organizations, companies, municipalities and cantons to publish their measures for a digital Switzerland in the action plan."


- Enter measure

- Digital Switzerland Strategy

European Commission called on to ban biometric technologies in public spaces (ECI to be posted February 17, 2021)


The European Commission has just accepted to register a "European initiative" formulated by European Digital Rights which asks it to ban biometric technologies, including facial recognition, in public places. If, within a year, the initiative garners a million statements of support from at least seven different Member States, the Commission will have six months to react.


L'Usine Digitale, Jan. 7, 2021

- ReclaimYourFace campaign

Council of Europe AI Expert Panel Seeks Comment on Legal Framework for AI (Posted Mar. 30, 2021)


After the adoption of its feasibility study in December 2020, the Council Ad Hoc AI group (CAHAI) is now preparing a legal framework on the design, development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) based on Council of Europe’s standards on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. A consultation has launched to gather the views of a broad range of institutional representatives (not individuals). The aim of the consultation is to help the CAHAI Legal Frameworks Group. The questionnaire is now accessible from the CAHAI website on a dedicated page to the consultation.


Timer clock

Deadline : 29 April 2021 6PM (UTC+1)

International Council of Artificial Intelligence for Colombia

(Deadline: March 30, 2021)


"One of the national government's priorities in terms of artificial intelligence is the creation of an international council that advises the national government in formulating policies on the subject of AI and provides information on the latest initiatives, standards and technological developments that are being carried out around the world.


"A proposal for the document is presented  comments here for comments.


"The deadline for sending comments is March 30, 2021 to the email"


AI Forum, Consumer Product Safety Commission (US) (March 2, 2021 event)


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff is holding a forum on artificial intelligence (AI), and related technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML). CPSC staff invites interested parties to attend or participate in the AI forum via webinar. The AI forum will take place on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, via webinar. Individuals interested in serving on panels or presenting information at the forum should register by January 15, 2020. All other individuals who wish to attend the forum should register by February 15, 2021.


- Federal Register, Dec. 1, 2020

Senator Monreal Seeks Public Comment on Legislative Proposal in Mexico to Promote Internet Access, Limit AI cancellation (posted February 17, 2021)


Comment here.


FTC proposes deletion of AI models developed from photos  unfairly obtained (comment opportunity to be posted)


As part of a proposed settlement with the photo app firm Everalbum,  the US Federal Trade Commission has required the deletion of "any facial recognition models or algorithms developed with Ever users’ photos or videos." The agreement will be subject to public comment for 30 days after publication in the Federal Register after which the Commission will decide whether to make the proposed consent order final.


- FTC, California Company Settles FTC Allegations It Deceived Consumers about use of Facial Recognition in Photo Storage App, Jan. 11, 2021

OMB Requires All Federal Agencies to Develop an AI Regulatory Plan by May 2021 (comment opportunity to be posted)


The Office of Management and Business requires federal agencies to develop AI regulatory plans, based on the Principles for Trustworthy AI, by May 17, 2021. These plans are to be publicly posted and open for public comments.


- OMB Memo, Guidance for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Systems, Nov. 17, 2020